Hometown Pride Tour: Red River Pizzeria

Open 2 years in May, Red River Pizzeria continues to grow.
Open 2 years in May, Red River Pizzeria continues to grow.

NOCONA, TX (RNN Texoma) - Red River Pizzeria in downtown Nocona is the only locally owned pizzeria in the city.

"My wife, we've been married for 34 years, ever since I've been married to her she's always wanted to start a Pizzeria," said owner Tony Dirker.

After buying land in Nocona, Tony Dirker and his wife decided to call Nocona home moving from Dallas-Fort Worth.

"It was a weekend place where we would come out and get away from the big city to relax and work on the land. It didn't take too long until we fell in love with the place and came out here permanently," said Dirker.

The city of Nocona was in the process of trying to grow its downtown so Tony and his wife decided to jump in. They bought building space in downtown Nocona.

"It was an old, crummy metal building in the place and we looked at (it) in February. It was raining as hard inside as it was outside," said Dirker.

After tearing down the old building and completely rebuilding the space, they opened Red River Pizzeria in May of 2016.

"It's been a fast two years. It's been an experience. It's been an education but it's been very, very rewarding," said Dirker.

Tony knows most of his customers when they visit but has noticed a higher number of unfamiliar faces as well.

"Because of the other things we're doing in this town, we've become a day trip for the big cities like Wichita Falls, Denton, the Metroplex. Every week, we see more and more newcomers that are just coming in to check out what's going on in Nocona," said Dirker.

Red River Pizzeria is located at 223 Clay Street in downtown Nocona, TX. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday.

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