WFPD officers, family show support for Ofc. Putney

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - News Channel 6 broke the story Monday of a Wichita Falls police officer who was injured on the job and doesn't feel he's getting the proper medical attention.

On Tuesday a large group showed up in his support at the Wichita Falls City Council meeting and you could see several 'Back the Blue' t-shirts in the crowd.

It was standing room only. In fact, there were so many people there was a line of people in the hall.

The group made it clear they back Officer Tim Putney.

"I think these guys come to give their support to Officer Putney," his friend, Jessica Edwards told city council. "But I also think they come because they're scared to death that if something happens to them they will have the same results that Officer Putney has had."

Officer Putney's family said for the last nine months he's been trying to get treatment for a back injury he suffered in a struggle with a suspect in July.

But Edwards Risk Management, a group contracted by the city for workers compensation for first responders, has denied most of Officer Putney's medical requests.

"To hear somebody, a doctor, say that he is faking, that is so wrong," his mom, Pam Miller told council.

Former Wichita Falls police officer John Montoya said he was there with his brothers and sisters in blue not just to support Officer Putney, but because they're worried for their safety.

"At any time a fireman, a police officer, they could be hurt on the job and it's not anything planned," Montoya said. "So it's something that they need to know, that they are going to be taken care of."

They are all asking the city to do something so they 'know' they will be taken care. So they know Officer Putney will soon be able to hold his 4-year old son again and continue to work the job he loves.

"To see a man lose hope in his eyes, to see him not have that spark or fire anymore because he can't do a job that he wants to do, and has nobody to help him, is just unacceptable," Edwards said.

"Please, please do something so that my son, this faithful police officer, can get back to work," Miller pleaded to the council.

Despite the high turnout, none of the police officers spoke at the meeting. Newschannel 6 was able to catch up to a few of them afterward that said they are scared if they get hurt, but even more scared for Officer Putney.

City council members were not allowed to respond because all the comments took place during the public comments session.

They can only comment or act on items listed on the agenda for that meeting.

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