Graham residents honor Harrison Brown's life one year later

GRAHAM, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Many residents in Graham and Austin said they spent the day in mourning to honor the life of Harrison Brown,19, who was killed last year on the Austin UT campus. Tuesday marked the one-year anniversary of Brown's murder.

"While my little brother may no longer be on this earth, Harrison's work on helping others goes on," John Brown told Newschannel 6 in a statement. "His dreams to see achieve continues and his love for others burns brighter than before."

Many of Brown's friends and teachers said he stood out in a school of more than 600 students.

"Coming back to this day it's just hard to think about how we lost him, how he's no longer here at school and we just don't get to talk to him again," Kristin Spring,18, said.

"It's been a long year and comforting my brother and my family," Jordan Crago,17, a friend of Brown said. "It's been a long year but we're getting through it."

Those who said they were lucky enough to meet Brown honored his memory as they wore orange shirts with the phrase "Horns up for Harry" and they shared stories of the teen who lit up a room with just a smile.

"When this day came, all I wanted to think about was something happy that I remembered about him," Elizabeth Routon,18, a friend of Brown said.

Everyone who knew Brown said music was a large part of Brown's life and he shared his joy with everyone no matter what.

"Even if he was having a bad day, you've never known it," Joshua Kidd GHS Band Director said. "He always walked in with a smile on his face. He was always excited to be there and do his part."

"He was always looking to make somebody's day and I saw that for three years," Deborah Loesch GHS Choir teacher said.

His friends said he lived his life in a loving way that can never be matched.

"His personality was the best," Routon said. "I don't think it could ever be replaced by anyone. He was a great friend."

"He was everyone's best friend," Jeff Hazlett,18, Brown's friend said. "I guess if you know that, then you know him."

Brown's friends in Austin held their own memorial. It took place on campus where a special tree, a memorial plaque and a brick in the ground already pay tribute to him.

A scholarship fund honoring Harrison Brown was established quickly after his death.

On Monday, the first five recipients were announced. More than $20,000 was raised for the scholarship.

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