Vote NO campaign makes final push

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The Wichita Falls Tea Party has encouraged Wichita Falls residents to vote no on all seven proposition on this year's bond election. The organization's leader says they will continue election day, Saturday.

"They'll hold a sign and say 'hello' and if someone comes up and says 'why should I vote no?' we'll have push cards with information," Ed Stein said.

Members of the group, like Stein, say the money used to pay for these props should be used for more important things the city needs.

"There may be one or two that are attractive but we believe the city needs to step backwards and reassess their priorities," Stein said.

"You've got to have the jobs here," Kevin Hunter said. "Good paying jobs. Not the coffee shop jobs. We need these good-paying jobs for people. I've got three sons who are petroleum engineers and none of them live here. I'd love for them to live here but there are no opportunities here."

An Arlington general political action committee, Texans for Freedom, has worked to get the organization's message across and Stein said it has helped.

"It's a lot for us to operate a campaign," Stein said. "Without a political action committee, you can't spend any money to operate a campaign."

Stein said if the bond does pass, he will pay his taxes.

The tea party will hold its watch party at the Red River Harley Davidson once the polls close.

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