WF Residents react to proposition C

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Voters in Wichita Falls have spoken. Passing just one of the seven bond propositions totaling up to $131 million.

The only one to pass is proposition C. With 52 percent for the bond and 48 percent against.

Paviyana Cheng, a Wichita Falls resident and the K Donuts business owner said proposition C will make getting around town easier.

K Donuts is located at the corner of McNiel and Maplewood and she says with a lot of competition in town business is slow but hopes with this proposition things will change.

"I'm happy, I think it's good," Cheng said. "More people can drive by it and they can see the shop here."

With the $17.3 million the city will extend Maplewood avenue from Lawrence road to McNiel avenue.

Walmart car technicians, Reggie Smith and Jackie Harrelson said this will benefit those who live near by.

"It would make it easier for people to go to Walmart or other stores over here," Harrelson said.

"If I want to go to my friends house right after work I can just drive over there instead of having to go all the way around," Smith said.

The project also includes the widening of Taft Blvd from Southwest Parkway south to Kemp Blvd.

Those who work with the city said it would not only give drivers another route but make it safer.

Nearby resident, Bob Funnell said he has mixed emotions about this change.

"I'm afraid people will start speeding," Funnell said. "I don't like it now because it's really bumpy but it does keep the car traffic going slower so I'm afraid if it widens out and smoothens out people will fly through there."

Proposition C also includes drainage improvements on Taft Blvd plus fixing up some other city streets.

Since one of the seven propositions passed, a homeowner of a $100,000 home will pay an extra $1.72 each month.

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