Repairs still needed at MPEC

Repairs still needed at MPEC
A new hockey league will return the sport to the Kay Yeager Coliseum. (Source: RNN Texoma)

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Spectra Venue Management is working with the city to move forward after a proposition to invest money into MPEC failed in Saturday's bond election.

"[Like everyone else, I was] excited about the number of people that turned out and voted but for us here who want some improvements at MPEC and Memorial Auditorium we were disappointed," Brian Hoffman MPEC General Manager said.

Hoffman said Spectra invested $300,000 when the company took over managing the facilities almost two years ago. He said that money only took them so far in repairing the events center.

The $2 million dollars promised in Proposition E would have gone towards new LED lights, new roofs, new security cameras and much more all of which are important for the event centers.

"[It's for us] to be competitive with other venues in similar size markets and in surrounding areas," Hoffman said.

He said they now have to wait for the annual budget report to decide what direction they want to go to pay for these repairs.

"We'll work with steering committees, the Chamber, and [other organizations] on how we can get funding for those projects that are needed here at the MPEC," Hoffman said.

He said as of now there are no plans to raise rental prices and they would remain the same as other similar market size event centers. Hoffman said the challenge is recruiting events and the hardest part of recruiting is competing with new events centers and cities that have the latest technology.

"It's continuing to be very aggressive in marketing and getting more events here at the MPEC," Hoffman said. "It is a challenge but we always pride ourselves here in the Wichita Falls community that we have a better community than they do."

You can find the latest events the MPEC is hosting on its website.

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