WF residents continue to push for growth downtown

WF residents continue to push for growth downtown

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Despite many Wichita Falls residents voting against Proposition G – which would have allocated $21.9 million to Downtown improvements – some people are not giving up on bringing activity to the area.

The Executive Director of Downtown Wichita Falls Development, Jana Schmader, is one of these people.

Schmader said, "So obviously we wanted that passing vote to happen, but there's a tremendous amount to celebrate down here. The public may have not had the appetite for that bond, but they do have the appetite for Downtown to continue."

Some are taking it upon themselves to add to the Downtown experience. Celena Perez and her family own and operate Mija's Food Truck. As someone who was born and raised in this city, she feels events like Truckin' Tuesdays are necessary for Downtown's advancement.

Perez said, "There wasn't really much of a downtown for me growing up, as I've gotten older we've expanded more downtown. More businesses have been brought here. With the bringing of events here…more events, more people are going to come around."

She paints and sells rocks and also plays music as a part of the After Hours Art Walk another event that takes place downtown. She feels that continuing to grow the area's culture will bring about a positive future for the city as a whole.

Perez said, "When you come downtown there's a certain vibe you get from the area. When you see young artists or small businesses like that you want to support them. When you have more people downtown you have business, and when you have business everyone thrives."

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