Groups shed light on poverty issue in WF

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - 20.6 percent of Wichita Falls residents live in poverty, and one organization based in Fort Worth is hoping to shed some light on the issue Wednesday night.

Major Charma Greens, the Corps Officer for The Salvation Army believes poverty is an issue, that everyone needs to be educated on to prevent getting there.

She adds substance abuse plays a big role when it comes to this world wide problem.

"No matter what kind of job you have, good job, bad job, whatever it is it soaks up all your income," Major Green said. "Your working basically to feed that addiction."

Plus living above our means is another thing that she said could lead to it.

"We will start off by saying well I'm going to put my money in savings," Major Green said. "Well we don't, we began saying oh I like that and I can afford this, or I can go out to eat a little bit more or I can move into a better apartment or I can get a house now."

The U.S Census Bureau shows the poverty rate in Wichita County is 16.8 percent.

Faith Mission is another nonprofit in Wichita Falls that are helping decrease those numbers by giving a helping hand to those who have reached the very end of poverty, which is homelessness.

"Sometimes it's mental illness that causes them to not have any support systems in their lives that causes them to end up on the streets and then what you find there is that the streets are a really hard place to try to put your life back together," Faith Mission CEO, Steve Sparks said.

Through several programs, both Faith Mission and The Salvation Army are able to get them back on their feet.

"We will provide everything they need to be safe and secured in our facilities."

Wednesday night was the second annual poverty summit held by The Catholic Charities Fort Worth.

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