New Mayor of Vernon sworn in

VERNON,TX(RNN Texoma) - Doug Jeffrey is officially the new mayor of Vernon.

He was sworn in Friday afternoon after the votes were canvassed.

Mayor Jeffrey has no experience in politics, but he does have experience in another area that he thinks will help him in the next chapter of his life.

"My dad was the city attorney for 25 years 20 years ago," Mayor Jeffrey said. "And then we moved back about four years ago. When we moved back I said you know what, we want to help the city out as much as we can. That's kind of why I ran for office."

Mayor Jeffrey and his wife were both born and raised in Vernon before Mayor Jeffrey joined the Air Force and moved to Illinois.

He's excited to be back as mayor.

"Being in the Air Force we are trained to always be prepared for the worst," Mayor Jeffrey said. "So I want to make sure the city is on a good footing to not only be present today but for the next 15 to 100 years."

City Manager Marty Mangum said the last few years Vernon has gone through some difficult times.

He and Mayor Jeffrey think the old regime did a great job getting the city through it, leaving it in much better shape.

"We'll have new ideas," Mangum said. "We're thankful for the old ideas as well because we wouldn't be here today to look forward to the future. But we're looking forward to working with the new city council and the mayor."

"We have some money we're going to look at and see how we can invest in infrastructure," Mayor Jeffrey said. "We're also going to look at water because that's always an issue here in west Texas."

Mayor Jeffrey said he wants people to invest in Vernon and is all for new and innovate entrepreneurs.

He said his kids are what drives his passion.

"I have four kids and I want to make sure that Vernon is ready for them whenever they get to inherit it," Mayor Jeffrey said. "We wanted to have our kids raised in a small town and the people of Vernon are incredible. And that's why I love to tell people hey come see what Vernon has for you because we'd love for you to move here or build a business here."

Mayor Jeffrey jokingly said the Air Force taught him not to be worried unless he's on fire or a bear is chasing him. So as long as one of those things isn't happening to him, he will be okay.

He said he wants to hear from the citizens. If you have any questions for him, he urges you to call or email him at any time of the day.

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