HPT Vernon: Santa Rosa Roundup Rodeo kicks off festivities with parade

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - The Santa Rosa Roundup Rodeo has been held since 1946 and every year there is a parade held in Vernon's downtown that kicks off the festivities.

Dora Villeda and her family have lived in Vernon for 30 years and always attends the parade. She said, "They have the parade and they have people all around the courthouse, vendors and all that."

The mile-long parade includes marching bands, athletes, and cheerleaders representing their high school sports teams. This year's theme was all about the "Summer's First Blast". Floats were decked out in beach gear.

Longtime resident Albert Benson plans to move to a different city soon, but the parade was simply something he could not pass up. Benson said, "This is a tradition around here…four-day rodeo, cruise night, what more can you ask for? You can't go wrong."

Everyone's favorite part of the parade is the Santa Rosa Palomino Club riding their horses through Main Street.

The parade attracts people from all over Texoma and is good for the city of Vernon financially. City Manager Marty Mangnum said, "It brings in tax dollars for the city and it brings in friends and family from all over. It's an exciting time for the community."

The Santa Rosa Roundup Rodeo is a few miles south of Vernon on U.S. 183. The rodeo will take place from May 16 to May 19. To buy tickets visit their website here

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