The Nokona Glove Factory opens new factory

Nokona Glove Factory grand opening. / Source: KAUZ
Nokona Glove Factory grand opening. / Source: KAUZ

NOCONA, TX (KAUZ) - "We started out our first year in 1926 in downtown our factory burned the very first year in '26, explained Executive Vice President of Nokona Glove Factory Rob Storey. "We built a new factory in '27 we were there until 2006 when again we were hit by the fire."

The Nokona Glove Factory is in its 5th building in the city of Nocona. Despite the early setbacks the company was able to rebuild and bounce back. They held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new building Thursday night.

"My dad talked to his dad you know about things and I'm sure you know it had just been in business so my great grandfather had to just have his eyes roll to the back Im sure thinking what are we going to do, said Storey. "But we got over it and you know hopefully as it rolled around in 2006 it happened again I was like you know if that happened that many years ago we can do it again and we did."

The company has been in Nocona since the beginning, and that's something they take pride in.

"This part of being here in Nocona is the most important thing to us, said Storey. "My granddad had a chance or a choice back in the 60's to move production to china and he said you know if I've got to go to China or Japan somewhere over there and tell my employees that they have to go home. Then I'm just going to get a bucket of worms and go fishing so we are really proud that we have been able to offer jobs to the local community folks for well over 90 years now."

With the new building they pulled out all the stops even the former employees are amazed at the new facilities.

"You know I've been around the factory since '76 and there have been a lot of changes, said Storey. "So you know that's the main thing that we really set out to build this place is first of all we want it to be very comfortable for our operators but we are also very green we are 100% led we've got sky lights very efficient  HVAC and we built what was what we think is a really cool break room and that's where we enjoy ourselves."

With the new building the Nokona Glove Factory plans to be in Nocona for many more years to come.

"Being here in the new building we hope that its kind of the corner stone of the new Nokona era and that this means many many more years to come here in Nocona and we're very much in the long term goal of building a legacy that will  last for years and years to come."

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