Homeowners in Electra cleaning up after Saturday's hail storm

House damage after a hail storm in Electra.
House damage after a hail storm in Electra.
Dents in a truck after hail fell Saturday in Electra
Dents in a truck after hail fell Saturday in Electra

ELECTRA, TX (KAUZ) - The people of Electra, TX are continuing to clean up Monday after Saturday's big hail storm.

Roofing companies were out in full force surveying the damage as well. The large hailstones left dents on gutters, windows, cars, and stripped leaves off of trees.

"The winds started picking up and we thought well, we'll get in the house. All of a sudden, we started hearing the hail and it was hailing really bad. Then it started hitting the windows and broke the skylight. That's when I was like okay, what are we in," said homeowner Diana Hernandez, who's lived in Electra since 2009.

The storm moved in from the west so west sides of houses had the most damage.  Now that the storm is over, homeowners are submitting the damage claims to insurance companies and waiting.

"Playing the waiting game between the insurance, body shops, and the contractors that come out," said Hernandez.

Downtown Electra wasn't spared from the hail, including the Electra Volunteer Fire Department, though there was less damage compared to the south side of town.

"One of our trailers has hail damage along with dents on the Chief's SUV. The windshield is cracked from hail as well. We clocked some 65 mph wind south of the railroad tracks," said Michael Brachwitz, Assistant Chief with the Electra Volunteer Fire Department.

The storms went on to produce more hail in Burkburnett and Iowa Park.

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