Auto body shops deal with influx following weekend hail

Dents in a truck after hail fell Saturday in Electra
Dents in a truck after hail fell Saturday in Electra

BURKBURNETT, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Auto body shops will be busy into summer as they work to fix dented cars in Burkburnett and Electra.

John's Paint & Body shop already has around 50 claims and expects that number to continue to rise.

But, owner John Robertson warns to watch out who you trust to fix your car.

With a slow severe weather season this spring, hail damage repair companies in Texas look for big hail events so they can come in and fix the dents on cars. Some of these companies use wrong methods.

"A lot of paintless dent repair companies, they drill holes in your hood bracing and doors. You don't want that. There are crush zones in your hood and the drilling can mess with that where your airbag doesn't deploy right," said Robertson.

These companies do not stick around and once they are gone, they will not be here to fix something they did not do correctly.

Robertson has been doing auto body work since 1981 in Burkburnett and says paintless dent repair works for some dents but more conventional ways are needed too.

"With a lot of these cars that I've seen this morning and yesterday, we're having to replace roof skins and hoods. When you have to replace a roof skin, you have to take the headliner down, airbags, and pull the front and back windshield off," said Robertson.

Robertson also adds to not side-step your insurance companies so the process can go smoother and faster for everyone.

"It's best for them to contact their insurance companies because we get overwhelmed with all the people coming in for estimates and then a lot of insurance companies won't take our estimates. They write their own estimate," said John.

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