Recent shooting serves as reminder for security upgrades in Graham

GRAHAM, Tx (RNN Texoma) - In light of last week's school shooting in Sante Fe, where 10 people were killed, Graham ISD is looking to improve school security.

It will start with its three elementary schools, Crestview, Pioneer and Woodland. They are some of the oldest schools in the district.

A security camera will be placed at the front entrance of each school. Visitors will have to ring a buzzer, school staff will let them in, then they will be funneled through the office to register and they will be given a school badge.

It will cost around $30,000. It is a security system Wichita Falls ISD uses.

"If you see a visitor on campus and they're not wearing a visitors badge, it's the duty for every professional that works for us to stop that individual and say 'let me escort you to the office and get a visitors badge,'" Superintendent Sonny Cruse said.

Cruse has been the district's superintendent for three years and has worked in education since 1986.

"My whole personal view of campus safety security has changed 180 degrees from where I first started in administration," Cruse said. "There are things I'm willing to consider now that I would argue just two years ago we're safe."

The district is also considering adding even more security cameras for the elementary schools to meet standards set by the high school.

"It's virtually impossible to make everything 100 percent safe in our world so we have to continue to be open to new ideas, open to new ways that we can improve our current situation," Cruse said.

Right now, the district only has one security resource officer for all five schools. Cruse said that will soon change.

"Starting this new school year we will have a guardian program in place where we do have select staff members that are armed," Cruse said.

Cruse said the district will work with Graham Police to train staff in an active shooter response training called Alice (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate).

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