Barwise students race boats on Sikes Lake

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Some students from Barwise Middle School celebrated the end of the school year with a boat race.

The race happened Wednesday morning at Sikes Lake.

More than 300 students took part in the race to see whose boat could make it to the finish line.

While many couldn't pass the task, some groups made it across with no water in the boat.

"We made sure all the sides were secure and when we picked it up we tried and we each got in it and we just made sure that it was steady enough for us to put it in," said 8th grader Breanna Franklin.

"I just wanted to get all the way across without getting in the nasty water," said 8th grader Anahy Velasquez.

This was the first year for the girls to take part in the race.

They spent four days during and after school to create the winning boat.

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