Hail destroys crops almost ready for harvest in Electra

Hail destroys crops almost ready for harvest in Electra

ELECTRA, TX (KAUZ) - Damage can be seen across wheat and canola fields in Electra after the hail storm last Saturday night.

National Weather Service reports confirm there was golf ball size hail in the area.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Agent for Wichita County, David Graf said they were lucky the storm weakened as it moved northeast, but the damage in Electra could mean just about 20 percent of a wheat field off 287 would make it through the combine.

"A lot of this is just broken off because that's what actually did it was," Graf said. "Those hail storms broke the stem off is what it did. You know there's not enough here for harvest probably."

Many seeds already laying in the dirt, and what isn't is on a broken stalk.

"Those heads that are on the bottom you can't get them into the header of the combine," Graf said. "So, your still going to have some loss."

To estimate yield, he counted 50 heads in a row and said only about 10 were good.

"It's a lot more visible in wheat than it was in canola. The damage is probably the same, but in this one, you can just see a lot of the seeds have been thrashed out," Graf said.

Across the interstate, he looked at canola and once again seeds and seed pods were scattered across the dirt.

"The seed in these that are real pale looking they're lost. They're on the ground," Graf said.

Many of the stems were also bent. Graf said any pods left were gone because they would not be able to fully mature.

"Obviously this plant is completely ruined," Graf said.

Once the plant is ready to harvest, the seed pod shatter's easy, which is a problem when hail comes around harvest time.

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