WF working moms offer tips for summer activities

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - School is coming to an end, and that has a lot of working parents now facing the challenge of finding other means of childcare. These Wichita Falls moms seem to have things figured out for the upcoming summer months and are offering tips to others.

Kendra Johnson is a nurse and Monique Harris is an educator. Both work full time during the summer. When it comes to keeping their kids occupied during those months it can be a little tough.

There is not a consistent childcare option and parents have to find activities week to week. Johnson and Harris plan to put their kids in summer camps.

Johnson is getting her three children – seven-year-old Neyia, eight-year-old Fyllip, and 13-year-old Nayari – involved in sports camps. While Harris is putting her daughter Leah in a Girl Scouts camps.

While camps are common and fun they can get expensive. Harris said, "you have some that's anywhere from a $115 dollars a week to $200 a week, so you know it can get very costly."

Johnson said you have to think about whether they are worth it especially because they last for such short periods of time. She stated, "For a week or half a day you really have to weigh your options."

For kids the YMCA offers a lot of activities at an affordable rate. Both moms have sent their kids to the Boys and Girls Club. For Johnson they are especially convenient because they accommodate her schedule and know that she may have to pick her kids up at a later time.

There also the free option of sending your kids to spend time with family. Johnson said, "I'm born and raised here, it just depends on who wants them for the weekend or the week."

The WFAAC, YMCA, River Bend Nature Center, and Housing Authority are also sponsoring a summer reading program called Reading is Power from June 11 through July 31. It's free for 1st through 5th graders. Call Desi Arnez Hale fore more details: (940)-781-9025

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