Hometown Pride Tour: Brothers Smokehouse cooking up BBQ

GRAHAM, Tx (RNN Texoma) - On any given afternoon, you will find Allen Dixon in the kitchen cooking up some barbeque.

Dixon is the owner of Brothers Smokehouse in Graham.

They opened their doors in 2017 and have been a hit from the start.

"It is all about the time, temperature, and your rub," said Dixon.  "We make everything here make our own rub, use local wood for the nice smoke, and time."

Dixon has a background in cooking steaks but two years ago he started learning to cook barbeque working in the metroplex.

When he bought the smokehouse, it was time to renovate.

"We got this place and wanted to fix it up nice," said Dixon.

"We needed to update it and bring it into modern times and blend in with the community."

The biggest addition is the new smokers.

Dixon wanted to make sure this addition was inside.

"We did it so that way you can get that smoke smell inside that way you can tempt your stomachs as you walk in the front door," said Dixon.

The smell can draw a crowd.

Dixon said they get very busy around noon every day.

"We got lucky at this restaurant," said Dixon  "It is 5,200 square feet and almost two acres of parking."

Dixon moved his wife and kids from the metroplex to Graham after his brother moved here.

The biggest difference he said is the small town feel that you don't get any more.

"The first night we were here even our neighbors across the street brought us dinner," said Dixon.  "I looked at my wife and said, 'this doesn't happen everywhere this must be Graham America.'"

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