More boats on the lake Memorial Day weekend

LAKE ARROWHEAD, TX (KAUZ) - Last year Texas Parks and Wildlife recorded 45 boating fatalities across the state. State parks like Lake Arrowhead will see an increase in visitors.

"Yes, the first big weekend of the summer without a doubt is going to be Memorial Day weekend," Texas Game Warden, Eddie Hood said.

Caylen Myracle came to Lake Arrowhead with her friends Courtnie Walker, and Kerah Pendergraft. She said coming to the lake is about spending time with friends and family.

"I don't have a boat. I'm going with her so I'm excited to because I don't get to go to the lake, so that's why I'm excited," Pendergraft said.

The group of friends arrived before the crowd.

"There are people out there that get pretty wild on the weekend and around the holidays," Walker said.

Hood said the alcohol laws are similar to driving. Point zero eight is still considered boating while intoxicated, but open containers are allowed on a boat.

"If you fall in the water and you are intoxicated and you don't have your normal faculties about you then you are subject to drowning," Hood said, "then we consider that being a danger to yourself or others."

According to Texas parks and Wildlife 85% of fatal drownings were not wearing a life jacket.

"People just need to be diligent because a lot of times they'll go out for a little while and they'll come back to the bank and they may swim for a little bit or BBQ or something like that," Hood said. "Somebody may take a life jacket off someplace else and leave it on the bank. So do a head count, do a life jacket count every time that you get in the boat to make sure everybody has one."

Hood said the most forgotten object on a boat is usually not having enough life jackets or a type-4 floatable device.

You can find more boating safety laws and tips on the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.