WF Educational programs help kids avoid 'summer slide'

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - School is out for the summer, but that does not mean your kiddos have to stop learning.

A number of programs in Wichita Falls are helping students like Khloe Allgood avoid the 'summer slide.'

Khloe is heading to first grade next school year.  Even though she is on summer break, she is not taking a break from books.

"I'm lucky that she enjoys reading, and I want her to continue to enjoy it," said Kimberly Allgood. "So we're going to shoot for doing some reading time every night like we've been doing but not overloading her with it."

She knows it is important for her daughter to keep learning.

"She just finished kindergarten, and it's that year that they actually start learning to read, and I want to make sure she doesn't lose any of the skills that she learned this year over the summer."

Something Kathy Stearns, the Executive Director of Sylvan Learning in Wichita Falls, said can happen, especially to little ones.

"There have been studies that have been done that they actually can lose about two-and-a-half months of learning," said Stearns. "So at the beginning of the school year, they're catching up again."

Programs offered by Sylvan can keep this from happening and help kids get ahead or back on track.

"In the summer is a great time for a child that may have struggled a little bit during the school year to get them caught up and get them really ready and confident for the next school year," said Stearns.

She adds if parents cannot bring their students to Sylvan, just make sure they keep reading.

Jana Hausburg, Wichita Falls Public Library Administrator, said one way to do that is the library's Summer Reading Program, where kids are rewarded for reading.

Hausburg said it is one way to prevent the 'summer slide.'

"Which is that three months where the kids aren't reading so their reading levels will decrease," she said.

At the library kiddos and parents will find much more than books.

There are education games on the computers in the children's areas, puzzles, DVDs and more.

"A fun option, but we're still keeping them engaged with everything that they learned during the school year without it being school," said Crystal Land, programming librarian.

There are even study rooms parents can work with their kids one-on-one.

For her summer vacay, little Khloe has big plans. A trip to Corpus Christi and a goal to read one million books.

More summer educational activities for kids:

River Bend Nature Center Crazy 'bout Critters Summer Camp gives kids the chance to explore science.

Wichita Falls Public Library's Summer Reading Program reward kids for reading and other activities.

Sylvan Learning Center is holding STEM Camps where kids can learn Science-Technology-Engineering-Math. The center also offers tutoring.

Dexter Learning STEAM Summer Program is five days of fun and adventure. Students will learn computer programming, 3D printing, design thinking, working in teams and more.

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