Vernon College nursing instructors train on new "patients"

Vernon College nursing instructors train on new "patients"
Vernon College Nursing instructors learned more about their new patient simulators. (Source: KAUZ)

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Hands-on is the way most medical students like to learn and on Tuesday instructors with the Vernon College Nursing program spent the day getting to know two new patients, of sorts.

"In this lab we are actually going to high-fidelity manikins instead of the medium to low fidelity that we were using," Clinical Lab Coordinator, Jennifer Hatley said. "Our manikins now, do just about everything that a patient can do."

The new manikins can breathe and even blink. Something the previous ones could not do.

"We had the low fidelity manikins which did nothing. They are just a manikin like you see in the stores with holes in them where we needed them," Hatley said.

Thanks to a recent grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Nursing Innovation, the Vernon College Nursing Program was able to upgrade to new patient simulators, and renovate the nursing lab on the Vernon campus making it a hospital-like atmosphere for students to learn.

For eight hours on Tuesday, instructors like Beth Arnold learned how to make up emergency situations that some of her students may not encounter at the hospital during their clinicals.

"You can plan a scenario and with 30 min to an hour you can take a student through vital sign changes, reaction to meds," Arnold said.

With these new changes, the nursing program hopes to increase proficiency and confidence to its students in the fall when they use the manikins for the first time.

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