Graham ISD takes active approach to school shooting situations

Graham ISD takes active approach to school shooting situations

GRAHAM, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A Texoma school district is already making changes to its school safety plan.

300 Graham ISD staff members spent Wednesday receiving a demo of ALICE Training (Alert, Inform, Counter, Evacuate), an active shooter response training.

Graham Police officer Ty Viehmann is the district's only school resource officer. He said the district relies on the police department to help save its children during a school shooting.

He said the Graham Police response time is two to five minutes which is fast but not fast enough to save a life.

"We are changing our way of thinking to a more proactive way of defending ourselves," Officer Viehmann said.

Graham High School teacher Jacob Lange said he never thought a program like this would be necessary when he began his career.

"As our society is changing it's definitely something I can see now, but four to five years ago I didn't think we would," Lange said.

It teaches students and staff they are the first line of defense in an active school shooter situation. It also shows them ducking and covering would not save their lives. It just makes them a sitting duck for the shooter.

"I remember practicing lockdown drills this past school year, and students were planning to question 'Mr. Lange is (there) something we need to be doing because we can easily be picked off, so to speak," Lange said.

ALICE Training demonstrates barricading the building, running away, yelling, distracting the shooter and even fighting back can make the difference. The district also plans on using surveillance cameras to let everyone know where the shooter is and announcing who it is on the telecom.

The practical training will start next school year during lockdown drills and during D.A.R.E. classes with students. The district also plans to arm some school staff members with its Guardian Program.

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