Electra I.S.D. responds to Gov. Abbott's school improvements plan

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Texas Governor Greg Abbott has rolled out a plan of recommendation for school safety, leaving school districts throughout Texoma with a lot to think about.

It's to spend $120 million on improvements to state schools like increased law enforcement presence, school resource officers, fewer entry points, airlock systems for doors, and installation of active shooter systems.

The Governor said he's trying to be proactive with the new plan, but one Superintendent thinks the changes he's requesting have already been made by a lot of Texas schools.

Electra I.S.D. Superintendent Scott Hogue watched the press conference Wednesday morning and said his takeaway was that they already do most of those things.

"We passed a bond to build a school that does everything Governor Abbott was talking about thinking school districts should do," Superintendent Hogue said.

He said they have fewer entry points, airlock systems on their doors, phones in every classroom for two-way communication in case of an active shooter, and two safe rooms in their new junior high and high school.

"The main focus of the whole thing was student safety," Superintendent Hogue said.

He doesn't see the district making any of the changes Governor Abbott recommended.

Part of the reason is that they still couldn't afford it even with the funding.

But he also thinks not all of the districts need those changes.

Superintendent Hogue said this summer the district will consider arming teachers and be proactive in stopping an active shooter.

"I promise you as a school educator we focus on that almost every day of every year," he said. "That's just part of our jobs."

Superintendent Hogue said he does appreciate what the Governor is trying to do to keep Texas schools as safe as possible.

Newschannel 6 reached out to other districts throughout Texoma and either did not hear back or the district did not want to comment.

Governor Abbott said he's hoping to see lots of changes implemented by the fall and added that this plan is a starting point, not an ending point.

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