New Texoma group builds confidence through mentorship program

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - A new group in Wichita Falls wants to change the lives of kids through mentorship.

"Underdawg Skillz" is a program that teaches academics, life skills, and teamwork to kids.

Desmond Sanders will be in the tenth grade at Wichita Falls High School this fall and is taking part in the program.

"It is not just a place where you just learn to play football," said Sanders.  "It is a place where you learn to be a man or woman.  "It is a place where you learn life."

"Underdawg Skillz" is a program that is teaching kids confidence through mentoring, tutoring, and athletics.

The idea comes from co-owner Jim Awbrey who wanted to create something more than a sports camp for kids.

"Normally, you get them on the baseball field and that's all you get of them," said Awbrey.  "Then they go home and you see them for nine months."

There are boys and girls classes that are split up into age groups.

The first part of the program is tutoring.

"I'm going to catch those kids that in the classroom they are either getting passed through or they are just kind of getting by like I did," said Awbrey.  "I want them to own that because we are people."

The next part is mentoring and teaching life skills.

"My boys are going to learn to open the door for a lady whether they like it or not," said Awbrey.  "My ladies are going to learn to be nicer to one another."

"You never know what a kid is going through what you could tell a kid through your experiences that could change something they may avoid in the future," said Joshua Stewart, a mentor at the camp and former Tennessee Titan.

Stewart wishes he had something like Underdawg as a kid.

"It is a great opportunity to talk to the kids and kind of guide them in different ways because you see them do a lot of the things you used to do," said Stewart.

Awbrey said the purpose of the program is to meet the kids where they are and expand on that.

"It is about producing the best most confident kid that we can with the best that we can get out there," said Awbrey.
Classes at "Underdawg Skillz" start Monday.

If you would like to sign up your child or sponsor a child in the program you can do that by clicking here.

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