2018 Kids Exhibit is now open at the Kemp Center

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - This year's kids exhibit at the Kemp Center is now open.

The 2018 theme is outer space.

The exhibit is open until July 29 and it's completely free.

They will have a variety of space-themed activities including finding constellations, learning about the solar system, and creating your own planet.

There is also a large model of the space shuttle and an Apollo astronaut helmet and gloves that you can try on.

"Last year our theme was about history and about the history of train travel in Wichita Falls," said Gallery Manager Kristine Thueson. "So we wanted to do something that was sort of the opposite of that and we decided to go more futuristic and do space travel and space exploration."

A special Mars Generation presentation officially kicks off the exhibit tomorrow.

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