Experts share driving safety tips for summer travelers

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - There have been two deadly wrecks within the last few days in Wichita County.  Experts say the 100 days following Memorial Day are the deadliest driving days for the state of Texas. Local Texoma officials share how to best navigate these Texas roads.

1. Insure that the vehicle being driven is in working order. Check the tire pressure and the make sure that there is enough water and coolant in the radiator.

2. Rest is also important. TxDOT Public Information Officer Adele Lewis suggested, "Have a travel companion going with you. Maybe they can share the driving, and if they can't share the driving they can at least keep you awake." Lewis also said there are many TxDOT resting spots around state highways.

3. Plan out a route. Texas Department of Public Safety Sargent Dan Busing said, "See where you're going to be traveling and map out where you're going.  I still love looking at the old maps – actually a map that you can physically put in front of you and map out your route. Sometimes that helps a little bit on where you're going to go and planning ahead."

4. Be prepared to see an increase in construction on the roadways. Lewis stated, "They're moving construction zones. At any given point in the state of Texas you're looking at 2,500 construction zones and you'll never know when you're coming across a hill and you'll hit a construction zone that wasn't there yesterday."

5. Keep a safe driving distance from the car in front and behind.

6. If there is an emergency vehicle or law enforcement on the side of the road, move over and slow down.

7. When pulling over, move as far away from the road as possible. Turn on flashers and make sure other cars can see you.

8. Know that there will be new teen drivers with little experience on the roads since they are out of school.

9. The likelihood of or drunk drivers on the road increases. Sgt. Buesing said, "Be aware that if it's going to be a weekend and you're out traveling you're probably going to be sharing the roadway with some intoxicated drivers. So, it's very important to drive defensively."

10. Always make sure everyone is buckled in.

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