New 7 on 7 Division expands opportunities

New 7 on 7 Division expands opportunities
Two teams will qualify Saturday for the new Division III State Tournament / Source: KAUZ
Two teams will qualify Saturday for the new Division III State Tournament / Source: KAUZ

ARCHER CITY, TX (KAUZ) - The Texas 7 on 7 Organization announced a new division this year for the 7 on 7 Texas State Tournament. They will now have three categories with Division 3 consisting of schools from 3A-Division 2 down to 1A. Division 1 still contains 6A, 5A and large private schools, while now Division 2 is 4A, 3A Div. I and smaller private schools.

There will be a Division 3 State Qualifying Tournament this weekend hosted by Archer City.

"I found out through a director guy, because I used to host these tournaments when I was at Greenwood," Archer City Head Coach Shad Hanna explained. "So he had called me and asked me if I would be willing to. And that's the first I had found out about it because they were looking for people who would be willing to host them. And so I was really excited about it because I can remember when some of those smaller schools came over to ours. You know sometimes they would do okay, and sometimes they wouldn't. So us being able to play teams that our own size, that is a big deal."

Archer City will host games at Wildcat Stadium and at Trojan Field Windthorst on June 9th. Coach Hanna has experience putting together the 7 on 7 qualifiers, and he says this is also a good chance for the city to welcome some out of town visitors.

"Just to be able to host it because it's always hard to get kids together to go and travel to another town," Hanna said of the benefits his school gains from hosting. "And so just to be able to host it at home you get more kids playing, and just to be able to bring all these teams to our home field to see our place, and our booster club getting to make some money off the concessions, that's big for our program. And it's going to be great for our town. There is going to be a lot of teams that are going to eat and spend money here, so that's going to be big for us."

The new division gives teams like Archer City a better opportunity to compete and have a chance to make it to the State 7-on-7 Tournament in College Station.

"We just don't have the numbers," Hanna said. "You know [other teams] can have a defensive team and an offensive team, and we're playing the same guys all the way around. So this is going to be a lot more even, a lot better for us and give our size schools a better opportunity to make it to the State Tournament."

For the Wildcats, a team in its second year under Coach Hanna, this tournament will really give the passing game a chance to practice and get better during the summer months.

"The biggest deal for us is just being able to play, compete at catching the football. Throwing and catching the football, running our offense, our routes and it's really the only time you can practice football during the summer," Hanna explained. "And so it's a big deal for us, especially the guys that throw the football around a little bit."

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