Passerby helps family escape fire in Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - A retired bookkeeper was in the right place at the right time Wednesday night when she went "ballistic" on a doorbell to alert a family after she saw smoke, and then flames.

"I was coming down Trinidad from doing errands and I saw smoke coming out of this house on the corner of Trinidad," says Geraldine Morris. "I thought gosh that's more smoke than I would think it should be for a barbeque grill. So, I stopped and looked over the fence and I could see flames coming from the back of a house."

For Geraldine Morris, her afternoon of errands turned into an early evening flurry of action.

"I ran around and just rang the doorbell several times over and over again. Just bing bing bing bing bing. I could hear the dogs barking and I thought maybe there's no one home," said Morris. "Then the man opened the door and I told him your house is on fire."

Morris says she is no hero. She said the man in the house that hurried to get his family and dogs out is the one that should carry the hero label. But, when seconds count, Morris saved them.

"I probably only alerted them a couple minutes before they would have found out anyway. I'm sure they would have smelled it, heard it, seen it or something within just a couple minutes. Maybe me ringing the doorbell did give them a couple more minutes to get their family out and their animals out. Everybody was out safely and that's the bottom line, and that's what was good. God was good," said Morris.

Mrs. Morris told us that anyone would have done the same thing had they seen the smoke she did coming from that house.

The family got out safely complete with their Great Danes. Now they are beginning the rebuilding process. The family did have insurance.

Firefighters say the flames that Morris discovered were caused by a grill that had been too close to the home and caught fire.

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