Large tree snaps covering entire backyard

Winds cause large trees to fall

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Tree service companies across Texoma are working nonstop. Winds were sustained around 50 mph in Wichita Falls for about two hours. Wind gusts topped at 64 mph.

David Helms spent the morning answering the phone and running the chainsaw for David Helms Services and Wichita Falls Tree Service.

"The phone hadn't quit ringing since about 7:30 this morning," Helms said.

People like Linda Rivas walked outside to scenes this morning to a tree covering her neighbor's backyard.

"I was woken up to the cracking of a tree falling," Rivas said. "So, I grabbed my head and took shelter because I was afraid the tree was going to fall on me. My room is right there on the other side of where the tree fell."

"This is the worst one I've seen so far," Helms said.

He said the tree was an Arizona Ash and it snapped at the trunk and covered her neighbor's entire back yard.

"It kind of landed in a good way really it could of caused a lot of damage, but basically all it got was the kids swing set, but we're going to clean it all up, and hall it off for them." Helms said.

"I'm just glad it didn't fall on either of our houses. It could have been really bad," Rivas said.

He said a tree that size takes about 3 hours to clean up.

Blair Smith with Smith's Lawn and Tree Services said a lot of trees that fell had started rotting inside. We also went through a dry spell which made the trees weaker.

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