New exhibit opens at Kiwanis Park, Lubbock group to relocate additional prairie dogs

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - While many eat their lunch at work, Jeff Miler takes a trip to Kiwanis Park.

"I always come during my lunch hour and just kick it with the prairie dogs," Miler said. "It's kind of relaxing."

Miler spent Tuesday afternoon taking pictures of prairie dogs before some no longer call Kiwanis Park home.

"Fortunately we've found a group that does this and they have plenty of areas they relocate the prairie dogs too," Wichita Falls Deputy City Manager, Jim Dockery said. "So we feel pretty comfortable that with their help we can relocate all of those animals that have escaped."

When the City of Wichita Falls announced its plans to deal with the overpopulation of prairie dogs at Kiwanis Park in March, many were upset that some of them were going to be killed because city officials said all of them would not fit in the new home.

However, thanks to a group from Lubbock, Dockery said they're confident euthanasia will no longer be needed. As for the new exhibit, many say they are satisfied with the final result.

"I like it better," Miler said. "It's in a lot better shape, the other was just pretty worn out."

"We're glad they fixed it up," said David Stockwell, a Wichita Falls resident.

For the city of Wichita Falls, officials hope this new exhibit will be enjoyed by many for years to come.

"It should be a really nice exhibit for the community," Dockery said. "It's an upgrade from what we had before. We feel very relieved that we are able to relocate them without resorting to euthanasia."

The group from Lubbock is expected to come to Wichita Falls in the next three to four weeks to capture the prairie dogs and take them to their new home.

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