Former Rider baseball star Parker Kelly getting ready for the CWS

Parker Kelly pitching for Texas Tech his freshman year against Kansas State. / Source: KAUZ
Parker Kelly pitching for Texas Tech his freshman year against Kansas State. / Source: KAUZ

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Former Rider shortstop Parker Kelly is in his freshman season at Texas Tech. Parker almost missed his chance to play
for the Raiders. But his mother Robbie Kelly gave him a little push to send one final video to Tech after his senior
"Tech had talked to him like a year prior we had been in Georgia we had been there a couple of times actually. And
so we knew that it was kind of on the radar and there had been talks but when we came to that part of our season and
that play that you videoed and I remember going did you get that, said Parker's mom Robbie Kelly. "And then I saw on the news and I took that and we
used that in his recruiting video. And he had actually said well mom you think I should send it and I was like well
yeah you should send it. And so he went and sent it to J-bob the recruiting coach and within two minutes he replied
back and said hey buddy I'm getting on a plane to Omaha but when I land tonight I want to talk to you about being a
Red Raider."

Parker has only started one game this season but he has been on the field multiple times this season. He even got in
one game to pitch and his mother almost lost its at home.

"When they were in Louisville I couldn't make that one, Kelly explained. "So I am sitting on the couch and I look out and they scan the
bullpen. And I'm like who is warming up and I look out and its #15 and I am like oh my god Parker! I was like oh my
gosh my heart started jumping out of my chest I was so nervous it was crazy. And it was freezing cold and snowing
but he did his job he did what the coach asked him to do so I was super proud but it was pretty nerve wrecking."

It hasn't been easy for Parker this year. He has had to battle back from a couple of injuries but now his hard work
is paying off.

"From a Mom's point of view it's like you want the best for them my hearts in Lubbock, Kelly said. "And so yeah it's been
difficult everytime but everytime we just talk about the struggles that he dealt with in high school and those let
downs. You know we talked about then how some day you are going to look back and you are going to be thankful for
all of those things and the way they happen because it made you better. And so I think we just took that same
approach and for me as a mom yes it hurts when your kids struggling, but in the end if you just stay the course you
are going to get payed off and so I just think that's where we are."

The whole family is making the trip out to the College World Series to cheer on Parker and hopefully see the Red
Raiders win a National Championship.

"We can not wait to get there we are actually going to leave tomorrow night and kind of get a head start so that we
can be there on Friday for the opening ceremonies.  My daughter went two years ago and she just said its amazing. So
we are looking forward to that and the autograph signing that they are going to do. I am going to have to go get me
a home plate and get it signed. And so yeah we just look forward to the whole atmosphere and just the experience for
us is going to be all new so year we're excited."

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