Tips to keep extra cash in your wallet this summer

WICHITA COUNTY, Tx (RNN Texoma) - With high temperatures this summer we know air conditioners are working over time.

"Anytime you save money it's always a good thing but its hard with the heat," Wichita Falls resident, Justin Reynolds said. "Bills get real high because you like to keep your air cool."

With someone always at home, Reynolds said keeping his AC running at 71 degrees all day is a must.

"If we were both on day shift we could turn it up during the day but being that I work at night and she works on days we kind of constantly have to keep it running," Reynolds said. "To keep it cool for her while she sleeps at night and cool for me when I sleep during the day so it always runs high."

Many who live nearby  Reynolds said they keep their AC running as well, but when they're gone they adjust their temperatures.

However, some Texomans believe keeping your AC running for eight hours while at work is a waste of money, but the owner of  Mike Graham Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing said that is a big myth.

Instead, he recommends keeping it running and raise the temperature no more than five degrees above your normal setting while you're gone.

"What happens is your house is shut off and it starts to heat up," Michael Graham said. "When you come home you have to get all that heat out of the furniture, walls, everything and for a cost standpoint it doesn't save you any money."

He adds changing your filters often will also help you keep some extra cash in your pocket.

"A couple of checks a year is vital," Graham said. "Make sure it's clean."

Graham also recommends to shut off your air conditioner while you're mowing the lawn.

That's because when you're mowing all of the grass gets sucked into the outside unit, creating problems.

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