Wichita Co. monitoring possible impact of lost residency program

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - For the last year and a half, Wichita County has been working on revamping its low-income health care program.

But questions are being raised after the termination of the Wichita Falls Residency program and Wichita County isn't sure what's going to happen next.

They still don't know exactly how the closure of the residency program will affect the low-income health care program, but they're remaining optimistic and continuing to make improvements hoping the change doesn't impact their patients.

"Obviously there was some concern on our part that our indigent clients would feel some effect from that closure," Precinct 1 Commissioner, Mark Beauchamp said.

Commissioner Beauchamp said when he got the news, he was shocked.

"It was a little curveball at first," he said.

Since Commissioner Beachamp was elected into office, he has spearheaded a project to revamp the county's low-income health care program.

In 2016 Wichita County spent $760,000 on 819 patients.

Since then both numbers have dramatically decreased leading to more efficiency, tax dollars being saved, and better care for patients.

"We're still undergoing many improvements," Commissioner Beauchamp said. "Changes and modifications within that office."

That's part of the reason why Commissioners were concerned.

"We do want to make sure our clients are serviced and all of our clients are getting serviced as they need to be," Commissioner Beauchamp said.

That's exactly what the community partners told Commissioner Beauchamp.

"There may be some lag in time," he said. "But they still will be seen as they always have been."

Commissioner Beauchamp said the county will wait and see how the change impacts their patients.

If it does, they will address the problems immediately.

But Commissioner Beauchamp thinks the change can be good if executed properly.

"Like anything else, change is something different and it's going to take time to learn and see what the change entails," he said.

Commissioner Beauchamp said if anyone in the low-income health care program has issues in the coming months, let them know so they can address it and make sure everyone is being taken care of.

He said right now they are working on pinpointing some of the most common diagnosis of their patients.

That way they can get them into education programs to start living healthier lives.

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