The Oil Bowl plays as a final game of football for some

Players line up at practice for the 81st Oil Bowl Wednesday at MSU / Source: KAUZ
Players line up at practice for the 81st Oil Bowl Wednesday at MSU / Source: KAUZ

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - Star players from around the area have converged on MSU to showcase their skills for the last time as a high school athlete in the 81st Annual Oil Bowl.

Old High nose tackle Jesus Silva said he's "looking forward to playing with different people, seeing how it goes, getting some competition and trying to get a win."
For most, this all-star game is one more chance to compete before heading off for the college camps.

"Obviously it's an honor to coach in the oil bowl and to be a part of the Maskat Shrine every year that they do this, Rider Head Coach Marc Bindel said. "Also just to watch these kids with that one last chance. Maybe it's their last game or their last chance to show off for scouts; it's fun to watch."

For some this game means more. When they step on the field on Saturday it will be the last time they do so as a player.

At least I know it's my last football game so it should be special, Old High defensive end Aeneus Nash said. "Hopefully we will come out with a dub, that's the main focus."

One special part of an all-star game for the players is the role change from opponent to teammate.

"I played against these guys, Nash said. "Some of them are pretty good, so now at least I get to play with them instead of against them. Because unfortunately, we lost to them, so that's good."

"I know they got a lot of talent and it sucked playing against them but now we get to play with them, Silva said. "So it is gonna be good.

Silva said he will get a shot at playing tight end for the game and hopes to get his first touchdown.

He will get his shot on Saturday at 7:30 in Memorial Stadium.

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