Texas Senate Candidate hosts Meet & Greet in Wichita Falls

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Texas District 30 Democratic Senate Candidate Kevin Lopez held a meet and greet in Wichita falls where he shared his stance on school security, why he feels he is a better candidate than his opponent Representative Pat Fallon, and how he wants to help Texoma veterans.

Following multiple deadly school shootings, school safety has been an ongoing topic of discussion across the nation and in Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott recently released a school and firearm safety action plan which includes increasing law enforcement at schools.

Lopez agrees with increasing the presence of law enforcement but does not feel it is financially possible. He stated, "Unfortunately do to the lack of funding in public education, that's just something that's not really achievable. So, as a state senator we need to advocate for more funds to go to public safety or education to be able to have those resource officers at every school."

Lopez also said his stance on public education versus private is what separates him from his republican opponent. Lopez said, "Pat Fallon wants to tear down that foundation and build a layer of bureaucracy that caters to the elite and those special interest groups that support him. I will tell you right here and right now I will vote 'No' for private school vouchers."

The firefighter of 14 years and current councilman of the city of Bridgeport also has a desire to help veterans. If elected, he wants to bring a veteran's hospital to the Texoma area.

The candidate said, "There's not actually a hospital within the senate district. So, veterans are having to go to Oklahoma City or Dallas to go to an actual hospital. So, what I want to do and what I've done for Bridgeport, is advocate the D.C. – the federal level – to get funds into the community to bring a hospital to Sheppard Air Force Base."

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