Animal Services overflowing with cats and kittens

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Wichita Falls Animal Services is in great need of your help.

Right now, there are more than 20 cats at their facility in need of a home.

One boy that adopted a kitten is ten-year-old Carter Hoffman.

"I want an orange, white, and playful cat," said Hoffman.

He wants to teach his new cat tricks.

"My other cats play fetch," said Hoffman.  "I just throw a ball of string, and they just go chase it."

Cats are being brought into Animal Services every day, and the shelter is losing the room, so they want more people to adopt a cat or kitten.

To help make that happen, Animal Services has lowered the adoption fee from $50 to $20 for one cat or $30 for two.

"We just have so many cats and decided if we could lower the adoption fee that we might have a chance of getting more of our cats and kittens into forever homes," said Director of Health, Lou Kreidler.

The fee pays for shots, tests, and flea and tick medicine.

People will also be required to pay for the spay and neuter at an extra cost.

"The cats need to be spayed or neutered," said Kreidler.  "It is the only way we are ever going to get our cat population under control."

Carter Hoffman hopes to see all of the cats and kittens get adopted because every cat needs a home.

If you want to help out Animal Services and adopt a cat, you can call them at 761-7824 or by visiting them on Hatton Road.

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