WF Farmers Market could see fruitful changes in the future

The Wichita Falls Farmers Market has seen lots of growth the last few years. (Source: KAUZ)
The Wichita Falls Farmers Market has seen lots of growth the last few years. (Source: KAUZ)

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - The Farmers Market in downtown Wichita Falls continues to grow.

Because of that, improvements are expected to follow.

On June 6 the city's 4B board passed a motion recommending the Wichita Falls city council spend $20,916 of 4B funds on some of those improvements.

Now city council will vote on it at their next meeting on June 19.

Vendors say the Farmers Market has exploded over the last couple of years and improvements are not only needed but will continue to spur that growth.

Young's Orchard and Morath Orchard were two of the first three vendors to take part in the Farmers Market.

"When we first started, it was open to the rain," Co-Owner of Young's Orchard, Jan Young said. "When it rained, we'd get wet."

Since then they've seen it grow into an anchor of downtown with improvements made like a new roof and garage doors so they could stay open in the winter.

"I think as people came down they realized that it was a great place if they had a small business," Co-Owner of Morath Orchard, Becky Morath said. "Like if they're an artisan to try and kick off their business."

That's exactly what two businesses have done by expanding the downtown district.

"Odd Duck Coffee did it," Executive Director of Downtown Wichita Falls Development, Jana Schmader said. "Hook N' Ladder has recently done it. So we love for them to start here and then be able to grow."

Schmader is hoping the Farmers Market see's even more of that growth with improvements to plumbing, the bathrooms, lighting, wireless, irrigation, HVAC, plug-ins, changing stations, and more fans.

"We were really needing to upgrade the facility," Morath said. "Electricity needed to be upgraded, a lot of the outlets don't work, the bathrooms needed a lot of improvements to them."

"It really does need it," Young added. "It's a good improvement."

Morath said not all vendors get electricity because not all the circuits work, and said it's aged in some parts.

Young said the bathrooms haven't been fixed up in over 20 years.

Both are excited to see what the changes do, and Schmader is too.

"While it's grown, it's kind of provided the opportunity to learn some of this," Schmader said. "And thankfully 4B recommended us being able to make those improvements."

"I just think the more you improve the facility, the more people will want to come," Morath said.

Schmader said anything they can do to make the Farmers Market a better place for vendors and customers, they're all for.

She added that changes will create a more comfortable environment for everyone.

Morath and Young both said the Farmers Market would not be where it is today without the city and Downtown Development.

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