Oil Bowl giving one last chance to bring coaches and players together

Oil Bowl bringing coach and player together one last time
West team lineman set up during Oil Bowl practice
West team lineman set up during Oil Bowl practice

WICHITA FALLS, TX (KAUZ) - The relationship between a player and coach is something special, in this years edition of the Oil Bowl you will find those relationships on both sides of the field.

"You get one more chance to be with those kids for this week and get to coach them one last time," West coach Matt Hoover said.

Hoover has three of his Vernon kids on his Oil Bowl squad.

Running backs Brent McCallon, Chad Thomas and linebacker Ryan Powell get the chance to play for their coach one more time this weekend.

Stamford's Ronnie Casey brings his lineman Hayden Lewis to the team.

This familiarity between coach and player brings an added ease to preparation for the All-Star game.

"Its been so much easier because you learn stuff quick," West running back Brent McCallon said.  "So it's real easy."

"They are able to talk to the kids when we have some down time," Hoover said.  "Help them out with any questions they may have and why we do a thing a certain way that we do.

"So it helps having those kids here."

On the East's side, Jacksboro head coach Brannon Rodgers has a pair of defensive players while Marc Bindel of Rider gets a last chance at coaching four of his guys.

Danari Curry, Jake Edgemon, Payton Ernest and Jorge Vargas will put on the jersey one last time as a Rider Raider.

East starting quarterback Jorge Vargas sees this opportunity as an advantage over the West team because that QB doesn't know the system of the head coach.

"As a quarterback if you are playing with a different coach you probably aren't gonna get to play your offense," Vargas said. "With him being the head coach, I get to run my offense so it's stuff that I already know, stuff that I've been doing for almost three years now so I'm catching on real fast."

Both Vargas and McCallon said they hope to keep a good relationship with their coach going forward.

"Homework," McCallon said. "Definitely homework."

"I know when I come back I'm probably gonna work out," Vargas said.  "It would be nice to use the weight room and stuff like that."

Each team has two practices left before the big game on Saturday.