WF water utility improvements project underway

The new water pipes will allow for fire hydrants to be attached. (Source: KAUZ)
The new water pipes will allow for fire hydrants to be attached. (Source: KAUZ)

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Construction is underway in Wichita Falls for its annual Water Budget Utility Improvements Project, and residents are noticing.

Constructions crews have been digging and laying new water pipes on Cumberland Avenue.

The new pipes are expected to improve the water quality to all of the houses on the street and allow for more water to get to them.

In May, the city council passed a resolution to spend $1.5 million on this project and said it won't just improve water quality, but also the reliability of the water system.

Resident Nelta Perkins said she's hopeful it will do all of that.

"I hope maybe it will get me more water pressure," Perkins said. "Like I said, I don't know. I'll have to wait and see because they haven't told us anything. I don't know. They just showed up one day and started digging."

Cumberland Ave. is just the first of many streets to undergo this project.

Others will include Grant, Harrison, Polk, Grace, 15th, 22nd, Avenue H, Avenue I, Avenue K, and Joline.

All that work is expected to take eight months to complete and all those neighborhoods can expect construction to get underway pretty soon.

One other thing the pipes will allow for is fire hydrants to be attached to them to make those neighborhoods safer in case of an emergency.

Perkins said the only notice from the city any of the neighbors got was to move their cars. She wishes they got more information on what was going on but is happy the city is improving their neighborhood.

"Any improvements I'm with it," she said. "I'm for it. Like I said, they came up to the door and told us when to move our cars."

Perkins has lived on Cumberland Ave. for 30 years and has never seen a project this big done.

Another neighbor told News Channel 6 they are happy about the improvements but want to know why part of their yard is being torn up and why some of their grass is dying because of water pipes lying on their front yard.

All neighbors we spoke with told us the construction hasn't been much of an inconvenience, people just need to remember to slow down a little bit when driving through the area.

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