United Regional awards scholarships to local med students

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - United Regional is using scholarships to stay competitive while also recognizing and hopefully retaining hometown medical students.

In between lectures at UT Southwestern in Dallas, med student and United Regional Future in the Falls scholarship winner Collin Buerger shared why the award makes him feel supported by his hometown medical community.

The Archer City native said, "My wife and I have strong family ties to the community…you just have a backing, especially from where I come from. Just remember that because sometimes it's easy to forget where you come from."

The Wichita Falls Residency Program ended just last month. But, through United Regional's Future in the Falls Scholarship Program, med students from the Texoma area can find financial support and possibly future job opportunities.

Collin Buerger (Archer City, TX), Canon Cornelius (Burkburnett, TX), Jacob Heuring (Wichita Falls, TX), Nicole Monk (Wichita Falls, TX), and Mallory Schenk (Scotland, TX) were chosen to receive the annual 3,000 dollar award from United Regional.

The scholarship was established in 2009 for students from the Wichita Falls and surrounding cities to help "build the next generation of local physicians."

12 doctors that went through the program currently practice in Wichita Falls.

Although winners are not required to return to the area to work, United Regional's Head of Marketing and Communications Lynn Wiesen said, "[It's] an effective method for recruiting physicians."

Buerger hasn't chosen a specific field in medicine. He said having a line of communication with the medical community in Wichita Falls could help him make that decision.

The community is invested in my education, so I should do my best. It's just another reason to be the best med student, and one day physician, that I can be", he said.

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