Bulletproof glass, other security measures being installed at City View Elementary

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - For the 2018-2019 school year, City View Elementary parents and guardians will notice something different when they walk through the school's front entrance.

"When I went to school you didn't worry about is someone going to bring something to school and harm us," CVISD Superintendent, Tony Bushong said.

However, times have changed and Bushong said that means security must change as well. As administrators, he said they have to think ahead to ensure their school district is not the next one making national news.

"They [students] can't perform well in school if they don't feel safe and so our first priority is to keep our kids safe," Bushong said. "To have a safe environment in the classroom, at lunch, and on the playground."

City View Elementary is currently making some changes to its front entrance which involves installing bullet-resistant glass.

Principal Craig Utley gave us a closer look at the new entrance which will involve every visitor to be buzzed into the school after providing all the information needed to be identified.

Utley said the bulletproof glass will not only help keep students safe but also the staff that interacts with all visitors.

This is a project Utley said was in the works before the last school shooting at Santa Fe High school.

"We have the front entrance where everyone comes through but for security reasons we had people coming through almost a core door area, so we really wanted to do something that was safer for the kids, safer for our staff, and more welcoming to our community," Utley said.

In addition, the school will also have a school officer on site next school year.

CVISD's elementary school is the only one getting bulletproof windows installed in the front entrance but Bushong said their other schools will also have the new buzz in system.

Some other changes being made to the elementary school this summer is replacing the carpet in the gym to a wood floor.

The wood floor stage in the cafeteria is also worn out so students will also see new wood floor there.

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