WFISD Memorial Stadium improvements coming soon

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - WFISD board members discussed making some improvements to Memorial Stadium at Monday night's school board meeting.

Superintendent Michael Kuhrt said it is pretty old, and they having some problems with the concrete weakening in some places.

"Our goal is sometime during this next school year to take out all the bleachers, all the seating that's in there and coat the entire surface of the stadium," said Superintendent Kuhrt. "So that way water will no longer seep through it, it will run off like it's supposed to."

He adds although the current surface has been tested and is safe, the update will make it non-slip.

The district also plans to add support to some of the old structure beams on the stadium's upper deck and more handrails.

No word on the cost just yet.

Board members also approved a Strategic Plan developed by teachers, parents, students, administrators and community members.

The group met multiple times since April to come up with goals and expectations for WFISD students.

Over 1,700 surveys online also helped shape the layout that focuses on supporting student's physical, emotional and social needs, community partnership, student and staff engagement and more.

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