Dry conditions impact food supply for farm animals

Dry conditions impact food supply for farm animals

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Dry conditions continue to impact hundreds across Texoma. Everyone from farmers, ranchers, and those who own animals are feeling the heat as there has been little to no rain across the area.

The price of hay has gone up because of the dry conditions this summer, but that is not where the rough patches end. Animal owner Willie Harmon said it is having an impact of his donkeys' food supply.

"We're starting to notice that there's not enough grass. We're starting to have to do a lot of extra feeding," he said.

Instead of snacks here and there, they now have to feed their three donkeys twice a day. So, they are having to pay more for donkey food on a weekly basis.

Harmon also said the water level has gotten so low in his pond that it has made it hard for his donkeys to get a drink water out of it. The pond has lost about four feet of water in just two months.

They have had to give the donkeys water from a trough, and in turn his water bills could be going up too.

He has hope things will eventually be on the right course and that rain will come.

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