Heat wave impacting Wichita Falls businesses

Heat wave impacting Wichita Falls businesses

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Some Wichita Falls business owners are feeling the heat when it comes to these scorching temps.

Although many of them expect a slow summer, these dry conditions can still cost them.

"The last three years have been somewhat normal and not as bad, but this I think we're making up for that," said Paul Dowlearn, owner of Wichita Valley Nursery.

As he watered his plants on Wichita Falls hottest day in about five years, he said because of the lack of rain it is something he is doing more often.

"Last month's bill was about $650, we're expecting the July bill to probably be double that," he said.

He adds normally it is around $300 to $400, and although it is expected, it still hurts.

"Electricity goes up in the summer, so it's not just the water, it's basically everything," Dowlearn said.

While the bills climb, customers coming in go down.

"If I didn't design and build landscaping and I just had to live on what comes in the nursery in July and August, we would have gone out of business a long time ago," he said.

Eric Greenwood, the owner of Greenwood Landscaping, has a similar business plan because lawns without rain, do not need to be mowed.

"We're still doing the same amount of yards, we are just not doing the frequency," said Greenwood.

Something he too expects.

"We're making sure we set up other jobs that fill in these gaps to compensate for the time loss," he said.

Like trimming trees and bushes, landscaping and fencing.

"Rare do we get a perfect season, especially just coming out of our drought a few years back," Greenwood said.

He said without those other jobs he would have to cut some of his team, adding if we don't get any rain anytime soon, it could still be a possibility.

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