City of Graham undergoes maintenance changes

City of Graham undergoes maintenance changes

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Graham city officials are making a change that they hope will improve the flow of traffic on one of the city's busiest streets.

The traffic lights on the cross section of Indiana and 4th Street now blink red – indicating a 3-way-stop.

Residents say they have had to sit at the light for what felt like ten minutes and sometimes even more. One man said he would cut through neighborhoods just to avoid stopping at the light altogether.

City manager Brandon Anderson said one of the reasons the wait at the light might have felt so long is because that particular type of light is old. Now they are testing to see if changing it to a blinking red light will help traffic move better and potentially help the city avoid making repairs.

City Manager Anderson said, "It's not necessarily the cost, it's just being able to find the parts because of the age of that system. When we do find them, we're pretty sure they're going to be costly. So, we'd rather try this first and I think we can better serve. I think we can spend those tax dollars in other areas."

They will be testing out the red blinking light at the cross section for the next couple of weeks. The city manager said they are hoping to get feedback from residents about whether or not they feel like the blinking red light is a better system than before.

Graham also plans to conduct maintenance of their water lines beginning next month after getting multiple calls about discolored water.

Stagnant water and the hot summer temperatures could be the reason why some water is discolored. City officials hope that flushing water lines will improve the quality.

City Manager Anderson wants residents to know that flushing the system is not a waste of water.

He said, "Because of this hot dry whether that we have we lose more water to evaporation on a daily basis than we could nearly ever run down the side of the curb. If we are getting some complaints on water discoloration we owe that to our customers to go ahead and kind of rinse the system out and that's what essentially we're doing."

Anderson also recommends that residents use a water hose to flush their own systems at home.

An even harsher method will be used to clean the city's water when Graham undergoes its annual chlorine burnout to disinfect the water transmission and distribution later on this summer.

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