WFISD teachers prepare for back to school

WFISD teachers prepare for back to school

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Teachers at Cunningham Elementary School in Wichita Falls are getting their classrooms, lesson plans and supplies ready for the new school year.

Kim Thorne, a math and science instructional coach, said many have been making trips to the campus for the past month.

"I think our on-duty day is actually Wednesday, but many of us have been here for several weeks with no air conditioning, no anything, just kind of getting ready," said Thorne.

They're doing everything from unpacking to hanging up decorations.

Thorne said many teachers like to make the classrooms their own.  Third-grade math teacher Jessica Whitman's goal is to make hers feel homey.

"You want to just feel comfortable in the space that you're in," said Whitman.  "I mean, they're with us all day so you know it's our family."

A family that looks out for one another, like when it comes to school supplies.  That is why coming out of pocket is something these teachers do not think twice about.

"I don't know any teachers who wouldn't be willing to go out of their way and do that," said Thorne.  "It's what you need to be successful on the job and to make sure your students are successful.

Buying everything from pencils, erasers, crayons, notebooks, folders and more, and these teachers have a few tricks, like hitting up the sales and buying in bulk.

"I prefer to get it on Amazon," Thorne said.

To make sure no child goes without, the Cunningham Elementary School counselor has some supplies available for students who need them on the fly.

Ashley Thomas, the Wichita Falls ISD's Communications Officer, said teachers purchase their own supplies for their classrooms.

To help them out, Communities in Schools is holding a sale in August where teachers can buy items from the organization's supply closet at a low cost.

No date has been set for when that will take place.

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