WFPD: School year brings back heavy traffic

WFPD: School year brings back heavy traffic

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - As the new school year begins the Wichita Falls Police Department is reminding drivers to be extra careful as school zones become more active.

For some students like Caden Holmes, their bicycle is what gets them to school.

"Me and my friend, we usually are the first ones here [on campus]," said Holmes.

Holmes said they always make sure they ride safely by looking both ways when crossing the street.

"I usually ride on the sidewalk but if there is not a sidewalk I try to ride next to the curb so I can jump up on the curb if a car is coming," said Holmes

However, drivers also need to do their part to keep students safe.

"Make sure that you're following the cities ordinance as well as the state laws when it comes to cell phone use in a vehicle," said Officer Jeff Hughes, with the Wichita Falls Police Department. "Cell phone calls, text, and all of that stuff can wait. Never put anyone's life in jeopardy. "

Hughes said drivers also need to be aware school buses make several stops and if you're behind the wheel you need stop when that school bus flashes its red lights.

"If the bus is going one direction but you're coming another, you're still required to stop until their red lights are not flashing and the stop sign has been removed," said Hughes. "You never know which side that kid is going to cross."

For other students, a set of wheels doesn't get them to campus.

"Back when I use to live over there in the district of City View Junior/Senior High School I use to walk across the street to get to the school," said Austin Addison, another student.

Traffic sometimes made it difficult to get there so he always made sure he looked before he crossed the street.

"Because if you don't then you don't know if a car is coming or a car can be coming out of nowhere and you can get hit and hurt," said Addison.

For parents who will be dropping off their kids at school, the Wichita Falls Police Department wants to make sure they are dropped off and picked up in their school's designated areas and not the middle of the street.

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