IRS scammers target Texomans

IRS scammers target Texomans

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - The BBB has gotten an influx of calls from residents in Texoma saying they have been targeted by IRS scammers.

Wichita Falls resident Lana Finley has gotten several calls from people claiming to be with the federal government. when she returned their calls they already knew her name, and they asked for her birthday and social security number.

Finley said, "It kind of scared me…Where did they get this information? Where did they get my number from?

The President of the Wichita Falls BBB Monica Horton said FBI and IRS phone scams are nothing new to the area, but right now there is a wave of hundreds of residents reporting that they have gotten calls from these fake government agents.

Horton stated. "This scam has been going on for quite some time, but the scam's not going to continue unless it is still working. Otherwise, they would've moved on to something else. This is a situation where they're trying to steal your money. They're going to cast a wide net and call as many people as they can and try and get as much money as they can."

Blocking the callers may not work because they change their number all the time. These calls are also coming from outside of the country, so being on the Do Not Call list will not stop them from making contact.

Do not answer or return calls from an unrecognizable number, even if they leave a message.

Otherwise the number of the person they are targeting will stay on their list.

Those with the BBB say consumers report multiple phone calls because they are interacting with the callers in some form or fashion. If that happens, scammers will continue to call.

Finley did not hand over any information and plans to ignore their calls from here on out. She hopes others to do the same.

"I just want people to be aware of things that are going on. I just don't know why people have to be so mean, you know, and try to scam people," she said.

Report scams to the BBB scam tracker here.

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