New non-profit joins Texoma Gives

New non-profit joins Texoma Gives

Texoma Gives is a day of online giving, but several non-profits are having fun events at businesses across Texoma. The Wichita Falls Sickle Cell Support Group is passing out fliers and spreading awareness about the Sickle Cell Disease.

"It's very painful when these sickle shape cells travel through your veins," Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator Kimberly Williams said, "and since you're not getting the oxygen properly you have a lot of fatigue and with the clumping, there's blood clots, leads to stroke."

The group is made up of family and friends who know someone affected by Sickle Cell. This is their first time participating in Texoma Gives.

"My son, you know he's 23. He's lived with it all of his life," CEO Janis Waldon, said. "So that's another reason why I created this organization is to help parents have support."

Donations can be made in person at 8th Street Coffee, but they encourage everyone to make an online donation through Texoma Gives.

The Annual Sickle Cell Walk and Blood Drive is Saturday, Sept. 29 from 7-10 p.m.