WFISD, Dexter Learning partnership is full STEAM ahead

WFISD full STEAM ahead

WICHITA FALLS, Tx (RNN Texoma) - Wichita Falls ISD started a collaboration with Dexter Learning to add more Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math to its classrooms on Friday.

The partnership is called STEAM 3.0. WFISD teachers and students will receive STEAM training.

Kristan Weeb, Jefferson Elementary Instructional Media Specialist, was one of 21 teachers to receive the first of two lessons and plans to utilize what she learned into her next lesson plan.

"A lot of our teachers use go noodle for brain breaks and it would be great to have the students create their own go noodle," Weeb said. "[They] write out the code and record it for the students. Maybe show it to other classrooms on campus so they can explain it and see if they can follow along."

Michael Olaya, CEO of Dexter Learning, said he sees it as a way to help students beyond the classroom.

"The goal is to take their technology and force it to the next step," Olaya said. "[They can] start bringing in computer programming, 3-D printing, virtual reality in the classroom just some of the skills the students will need to survive in the 22nd century in the classroom."

"We tell them all the time when they graduate high school and graduate college there's going to be jobs that exist then that don't exist now," Weeb said. "We're incorporating those skills and putting them in their toolbox to help them succeed in the future."

Matthew Morkin, a reading teacher at Barwise Elementary, said he hoped to use computer programs like Scratch to keep his students engaged.

"[They can] program a story or a narrative that they can tell into fiction or maybe they can reenact something," Morkin said.

The next lesson the teachers will take will be in January and the partnership will continue through STEAM Day in March.

The first school in the district to add project-based learning to its curriculum was Fain Elementary.

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